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(TransCranial ElectroMagnetic Therapy) )

TransCranial Devices increase brain activity and action potentials. This hat does not read brain signals or write any code to the brain and thats by design. It gives more energy in a way similar to how walking barefoot allows Earth electrons to travel up into the energetic human body


Observational studies on this type of treatment repeatedly show that TDCS raises baseline mental acuity and in some cases will reduce adversarial states including adhd,  compulsory states , depression, and anxiety; These are among the reported benefits

[ Links 1,2,3) 

Beyond mental health the studies have also shown TDCS  increasing "learning curve and memory". Intuition, solving situations with creativity and other benefits have also been achieved and reported by TDCS studies.

Disclaimer Statements

  • Holistic health potentiates Mind Body and Spirit more well rounded than TDCS hats.

  • Certain psychedelics are guaranteed to help better.

  • 10 minute sessions have induced lasting effects so these hats/ do not need to be worn too long.

  • These are not for sale

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Minimum Viable Product
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