neuralink Alternatives that wont hack anyone's brain


TDCs increases mental performance by using very small doses of electricity to non-invasively induce brain activity. These product designs are made with commonplace resources so that owning a device is more accessible to anyone and kept near $0.00 for more people


Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation has shown improvements in mental acuity and other areas of cognition including:

  1. Accelerated Learning / Flowstate  🔗 1 ]

  2. Productivity / Motivation  🔗 2 ]

  3. Prolonged attention  🔗 3 ]

  4. Positive habit reform  🔗 4 ]

  5. Creative problem solving  🔗 5 ]

Anecdotal Notes

  • Holistic approaches go further than relying only on TDCs


  • Constant Flow voltage (—) seems to works better than Square Wave Pulses ( ⎍⎍⎍ )

  • Increased motor control sensitivity

  • Illuminated the concept of "Right Heart right Mind right Action"  to organize consciousness. 

  • Helps recognize how decisions increase/decrease ADHD/ impulse networks.

  • General observation: TDCs "provides relevant ideas" rather than "mind alteration" like psychoactive medicines do.

  • Non addictive /  Long-term useful / Rechargeable

Minimum Viable Product

Closest to $0.00


2020-2021 (Magnetic RPM and Electrical) versions

(TransCranial ElectroMagnetic Therapy) )
Promethian Hat V.2