Phoenix TDCS ±

The following product designs are non-invasive Transcranial Direct Current (TDCs) devices and are designed with the most basic resources for all classes of people / income levels


Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation has shown improvements in mental acuity and other areas of cognition including:

Promethian Hat V.2

Anecdotal Notes

  • Holistic approaches go further than relying only on TDCs


  • Constant Flow voltage (—) seems to works better than Square Wave Pulses ( ⎍⎍⎍ )

  • Increased motor control sensitivity

  • Electricity did not deep fry my brain / was already crazy

  • Illuminated the concept of "Right Heart right Mind right Action"  to organize consciousness.  Obeying "higher self" more often. Leaning into better decisions more often.

  • Helps recognize how decisions increase/decrease ADHD/ impulse networks.

  • General observation: TDCs "provides relevant ideas" rather than "mind alteration" like psychoactive medicines do.

  • Non addictive / Long-term useful

Minimum Viable Product

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(TransCranial ElectroMagnetic Therapy) )