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"Versatility of the Imagination"

this technique can be analysis paralysis

Signs of Tao

It is commonly known that repetition gives artists the ability to control what they create with more accuracy. For example, repetition helps dancers control their form, singers, cooks, painters, musicians, etc. generally get better at controlling their process from repetition.

As for the role of the imagination in art, it’s important to notice that non-repetitive decisions are what make art more unique and surprising. So while repetition helps to achieve more consistent results, it can also prevent the imagination from exploring newer ideas during a creative process. [1] [2]

With first priority given to freedom of expression- the hypothesis below helps decondition the creative process. 



“ By noticing patterns in decisions during an original creation, this may catalyze breatkthroughs and improve divergent thinking during the process.” 


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(Issue publication date: January 2008)


[2] The Brain That Changes Itself (Pg. 7) Norman Doidge M.D. Viking Press 2007

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